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Our Products

Myotonic Goats

Our Myotonic goats are 100% registered with Myotonic Goat Registry and we pride ourselves on having a premium line of animals. 

7 Stands Farm has breeding stock, show-quality animals, and pasture raised meat. 

Please contact us for various pricing guidelines.

VSH Bees

7 Stands Farm raises only Varroa Sensitive Hygienic (VSH) bees after much trial and error. The VSH line has proven to be excellent producers and hardy in our cooler climate. 

We sell queens, 5-frame nucs, and honey. Contact us for specific pricing and availability.

Pastured   Pigs

Our pastured pigs are Berkshire and Berkshire-Duroc crosses. Piglets are born on pasture and raised on the same farm for an outstanding finish for breeding stock and pork products. 

We sell piglets and retail pork products. Contact us for more detailed pricing of whole hog, half hog, and retail cuts.

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